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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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way. that's it for "special report." i'm chris wallace in washington. "on the record" with greta van susteren starts right now the bergdahl swap, a bargain or a blunder. >> u.s. policy has changed. now we make deals with terrorists. >> and does president obama think this is just another phony scandal? >> i am never surprised by controversies whipped up in washington. >> "on the record" investigates live from the nation's capitol. >> this is a fox news alert. fox news obtaining secret documents showing bowe bergdahl declaring i jihad while in captivity. james rosen has broken the story. james? >> greta, good evening. these secret documents obtained by fox news show toward the end of his five years in captivity among the haqqani network bowe
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bergdahl is said to have converted to islam and openly fraternizing with his captors including taking part in ak 47 target practice with him and declared himself a warrior for islam. these documents offer the most detailed realtime accounts yet known to exist, chronically what sergeant bergdahl's life in captivity were like. they show that the wayward soldier's relations with the captors morved over time from periods of real hostility where he tried to escape and treated like a hostage it and animal set into a cage. periods of seeming affection and ideological alignment, greta. >> james, in terms of the documents, how do we know what weight to give them in terms of credibility. >> these are a set of situation reports that span from 2009 to 2012 prepared by a private group eclipse staffed by former intelligence officers and operatives. they go to bad places of the world where we would not want to go although you go to these places more frequently than me. they had a subcontract from the pentagon to provide this
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kind of granular on the ground intelligence on a broad range of issues including the berlg dal case. i ran the substance of these documents across some very senior military people and intelligence people. they told me it was not only plausible but credible you and in fact in certain instance what about this, what about that? they said i can't tell you that's classified. >> but the report on and it's very in-depth reporting. james, thank you. >> thank you. and now there are more secrets we know tonight. more secrets about the negotiation. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. catherine, what's new on the deal. >> well, what we saw today was a real shift by the administration. they had been suggesting and stating publicly that the reason they moved so quickly was because his health was deteriorating. but, after there was this proof of life video that was shown in the classified hearing last night, and there was a dispute among lawmakers as to what it really showed, they shifted
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today to another explanation that they never notified congress about the deal because they were concerned they had credible information that if this went public he would be killed by the taliban. >> they didn't want the senate intelligence committee chairman dianne feinstein or the ranking members -- >> -- this is what is so really implausible about the explanation. these are people who are trusted for months with the details of the bin laden takedown in 2011. yet, on this particular issue, an issue where they would probably push back, they were not notified. >> you know, and the thing that always bothers me about it probably staffers at the white house knew about it who we didn't elect and don't know, how many people at the white house knew yet we don't trust senator dianne feinstein or senator saxby chambliss. >> that is a problem. >> there are conflicting reports about whether or not the taliban threatened to kill sergeant bergdahl if the swap were made public.
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some lawmakers continue to slam the obama administration for keeping them out of the loop. >> the president made a unilateral decision without any consult with the congress. >> you don't trade known terrorists without consulting the congress. that's the law of the land. >> the five worst people have now been let go. >> this is an administration that flat can't be trusted on these types of issues. >> the only people that didn't know we were negotiating with terrorists are the american people. >> this is absurd. >> senator david vitter was in last night wants classified briefing e joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta, good to be with you. >> why is it the white house didn't notify correct me if i am congress? what is your understanding? >> well, greta, the story keeps shifting overtime as you were suggesting. susan rice had certain talking points, boy, this is like a flashback, and then that changes over time after a serious, serious health concerns were debunked. then the next day we are on to something else that maybe he would have been killed. so, it's very concerning. my -- my sense is the white
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house didn't inform even the heads of the intelligence committees because they knew they were going to get push back. i think that's what it comes down to. >> well, push back seems like a nice word for violating the law. but in terms of just going back to this health thing, if the reason that they first floated this whole health idea was this video, this proof of life video. the proof of life video was six months old. wouldn't the urgency have been six months ago and not now. >> that's what i'm saying, the story is changing over time. it all seems to be political talking points, not real facts. it's very worrisome. and almost seems a throw back to earlier scandals like benghazi. >> all right. well, i am all for -- i know there is a 30 day requirement the president is supposed to notify before releasing from gitmo. if there is an emergency, frankly, i'm not a player in this game is i'm all for the president doing what needs to be, but he could have picked up the phone and an hour before.
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now we are in this situation where there doesn't appear that there was quote an emergency, nothing urgent. at least they haven't laid it out yet. what are you going to do about that? are you going to look the other way or do something about it. >> this is going to be a serious question. in addition,njedç greta, something that goes to this whole discussion previous defense authorization acts. there was explicit language to prohibit these sort of transfers and releases from guantanamo. the way harry reid managed and really quashed the ability to have four amendments in the last act is the reason we do not have such an outright explicit prohibition right now in law. and so that's something else that's very concerning. in the recent past congress was on record as outright prohibiting. this forget about notice. prohibition. >> well, senator dianne feinstein is -- at least she was upset that she wasn't notified. she was outraged. but she has been outraged before with the intelligence committee. she comes out to the microphone and she complains
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about it as she should because she has an important job and important role. but then nothing. it's like there is a bark but no bite. >> well, i think we need to look at this. and i think we need to look at the substance. what concerns me if anything even more is the release of these five very, very dangerous terrorists. i mean, these are high level taliban officials, at least four of the five. our intelligence said that at least four of the five, probably all five would certainly go back to the fight, would certainly be significant in that sense. so the substance of this whole thing is really worrisome as well. >> all right. last night, when you listened to this briefing, this classified behind closed door briefing, what percentage of that really had to be behind closed doors? what really truly was classified and what is it everyone sort of doing business as usual or protecting political hides? >> well, it's always the case that very very little has to be classified. that was true last night. that's been true of every
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classified briefing i have been in. so that is always the case. and, quite frankly, my overall impression from the whole will presentation was being very defensive and political spin. i mean, here where a senior intelligence, other officials, and i got the impression it was more political spin than anything else. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> and despite some growing outrage over the taliban prisoner swap today in brussels, president obama insisting he makes no apology for seeking the release of sergeant bergdahl. >> we have a basic principle. we do not leave anybody wearing the american uniform behind. we had a prisoner of whose health had deteriorated. and we were deeply concerned about, and we saw an opportunity, and we seized it. and i make no apologies for that. >> fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the
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president. he joins us live from paris. ed? >> greta, good to see you. in the president's defense as you lay that out right there, he is trying to make the case to the american people that, look, the fact of the matter is that there was an american service member in harm's way. he saw the opportunity and he seized it. that's why he is saying he makes no apologies. when he return into more trouble he suggests regardless of the circumstances it was the rit thing to do. on justly get whether the price was too high. also in that news conference today by dismiss. each in washington whipping whipping up washington. white house i.d. aides telling the newspaper this is just obama haters stir this stuff up. when you have democrat like dianne feinstein and joe manchin raising guess about this and suggesting the law may have been broken.
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that makes us into irs or ben gaze. instead like the v.a. scandal, i would note, the berg dazzle issue has become very partisan at least in the terms of outrage, greta? >> are his aids is i ing anything about the simple fact most people is an opportunity. how about picking up the phone and calling chairman dianne feinstein or the ranking member senator saxby sham bliss. look. you had the tore? saxby chambliss last night. he may a case that he is republic and diane tiny stein when it came to the thonel raid these two leaders of the senate intelligence committee knew about it for months and it didn't leak out. that was obviously even more sensitive than what happened here. so i think both chambliss and feinstein both sides of the i'll are trying to make the case that look not every
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single thing leaks out of wind chill. when there is a single intelligence operation like this oftentimes it does not leak. >> ed henry traveling with the president and up early for d-day celebrations. thank you, ed. >> good to see. >> you did president obama just imply that the berg dave controversy is a phony scandal? >> have you been surprised by the back lantern that's been whiched up by your decision to free bowe bergdahl? what do you think about that. >> i'm never surprised by controversies whipped up in washington. >> do the president's commence have a familiar ring to them? remember this? >> end also wave of destructions and phone scandals. >> phone scablegdzs. and firestone scandals. >> representative eric shack joins us. good evening, greta. good to be with you.
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>> good to have you. is the president right this is just dc stirring up controversy, we might call it as a phony scandal to take his words a little bit further is he cooking something elms? >> yeah, the not too funny the with house means and pays committee took ax in!>e?z white. while she took the fifth amendment and refused to testify. on benghazi, you now have a bipartisan committee that has been formed. both sides of the aisle agreed benghazi knees to be investigated because we haven't gotten all of the answers and mostly cloudy mistae made and we need to get to the bottom of it. the list goes on and on. these things are not so phony at all. with regards to the berg dazzle scenario, i would point to one of his closest friends and allies
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politically dianne feinstein. somebody who has been extremely critical and outspoken about the miss is stake this was in trading five tastes for mr. bergdahl. with regards to your w. about we congress wasn't consulted's it eppsly simple. dianne feinstein ha h. written to the white house and defense department and said absolutely not, unequivocally would she support tradiqoç irt terrorists for mr. bergdahl. they already knew what the answer would be when asking permission is which is required by they those instead of get the answer they didn't want they would violate the law. >> if you are are right on all of these, first of all the president has incredit i can incredit -- indeed i can be dibbably -- if he then is now characterizing this as a
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phony scandal and even though he may have enrange raged some in his own party. the rest of the nation sells like a number of republicans by may be complain complaining. there is nothing to done or whatever. >> it's been unprecedented that we have a president with such disregard for the legislative branch which is a quo equal body of our government. certain isly a guy who was a former constitutional law professor from chicago ought to know better. certainly someone who campaigned saying that the bush administration had overreached his executive powers and he was going to reign that in. he has doubled down and been far worse than any president in the history of our country. you are right, it's a frustration that not just the american people but also those of us who have been elected, entrusted and constitutional responsibility to provide oversight and have equal power with the executive branch. so, there will be repercussions, absolutely. can we get the five terrorists that they just
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flew back to the arabian wednesday la? probably not. this is par for the curse illegal action by the administration. there is a law in the book. nobody is disputing what the law said. the president is making excuses for why he didn't abide by the law. i don't know what will come of the committee hearings that speaker boehner has announced will take place next week. i can assure you basedden the tfertioning about dianne feinstein and others who have he can>ñ press the -- the president said we had a responsibility to get out our pows, absolutely we do. but not at any cost. remember, we have other pows who have served, who have been beaten and life been threatened. he needs to look no further than the congress that he so despises. my colleague, john mccain in the senate. my colleague sam johnson in texas who i serve with on the ways and means committee in the house. served in hand know, having
4:16 pm
their legs and arms busted. we didn't trade or negotiate with terrorists and totalitarian regimes back then and the enormous precedent that this sets moving forward i fear for not only our military safety but quite frankly for all americans who travel, who vacation overseas. who might be taken captive in an attempt to exchange for more terrorists at gitmo or others that we might detain. >> for the life of me, what i don't understand is -- i understand there is 30 day requirement. that clearly wasn't met. if there is something urgent that justifies busting it, then i think the president does the right thing. but what i don't understand is just not multi-tasking and he certainly could have found five minutes before it happened and even as it was going down and call his own party, senator dianne feinstein, and also senator saxby chambliss and multitasked or dispatched biden to it or something. that i think showed -- >> absolutely. >> that's sort of a bizarre
4:17 pm
arrogant disregard at that point. because something should have been done then. even if it's just five minutes. >> it's obvious that they didn't want to. it's not that they didn't want to, or that they couldn't have, rather, it's that they didn't want to. and as my point earlier, dianne feinstein would have given him the same response, would have blown the lid off this. and the public would have been outraged. i mean, trading five known terrorists -- to tell you how bad this is and put it in layman's terms. we released over 200 prisoners from gitmo that were deemed minimum threat to the united states. the obama administration up until thisthey were so threatend so important to national security that they chose to keep them at gitmo. so, these aren't just your average run-of-the-mill terrorists that we happen to pick up during the fight. these are folks who had significant intelligence in planning responsibilities within the organization. and it's a huge mistake to put them back on the battlefield. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> good to be with you.
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this is a fox news alert. just moments ago an idaho police chief telling the real reason that sergeant bergdahl's hometown celebration has been cancelled that's the homecoming celebration. chris oswalt is live in idaho with the very latest. chris? >> good evening, greta. i just talked to the hailey police chief gunter about an hour ago. he confirmed to me that one of the reasons is not just the safety of the people, but the backlash that the community has received from the release of sergeant bergdahl. when i talked to chief gunter, he did tell me that they have received hundreds upon hundreds of hate calls and emails and facebook posts. he says those calls and emails and facebook posts have started to die down since they cancelled the celebration scheduled for june 28th. he says that a lot of those people that are now calling and emailing his office are actually wondering why haven't you cancelled this? and so he is hoping that through national media and through facebook that they
4:19 pm
can get the word out that this has been cancelled in hopes of stopping some of those calls for the small town of hailey things are starting to return to normal. things are starting to calm down. he does say that the community is still on edge after all this controversy surrounding the release and capture of bowe bergdahl released from the taliban. he says that people are still wondering what's next? where is bergdahl going to go. and he says on june 28th when this rally was originally scheduled for is held, he is still going to have extra security on hand. greta? >> chris, thank you. and friends of the bergdahl family are outraged. outraged by the negative reaction to the soldiers' release. they say sergeant bergdahl has suffered enough already. joining us from the bergdahl family. leann ferris and sue martin. good evening to both of you. me, have you known him a long time. a long time before he went into the military, what is he like?
4:20 pm
>> quiet child. he was also really polite and quite adventurist. he had a great sense of humor. we always like to -- back and forth. he was a great athlete. he did fencing, karate, ballet. he was could i diver? >> paraglider and he was a good kid. >> sue, he worked for you. as an employee, what was he like? >> he was one of the best employees i have ever had. he was very watchful. he never had to be trained. he would just watch and learn the techniques and ask if it was okay if he showed me what he learned. he was very hard-working: he was entertaining after you got to know him a little bit. he was really fun. he made fast friends with all the other employees.
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alert. there is breaking news from seattle. three people shot at seattle pacific university. springer joins us with the latest. dan? >> this happened at the seattle pacific university this afternoon. a gunman walked into the auto miller hall, which isj a science and engineering building on seattle university campus which is in the lower queen ann section of seattle and opened fire and we know now that either three or four people were transported to harvardview medical center. their injuries are listed as being from minor to life-threatening. we do know that one suspect is in custody. there is a lot of confusion over the fact that they were looking for the possibility of looking at a second suspect. but now we understand that there is not a second suspect. the only suspect is in custody. he was driving a white chevy s-10 pickup truck which is parked outside the auto
4:26 pm
miller hall. and some witnesses who were students there described the gunman as somebody as they recognized as another student. interestingly, the seattle storm wnba basketball team was practicing in the gym at spu. they were put on lockdown like everybody at the school. they have now been released because the lockdown has been lifted. i had police look for witnesses. again, one beginman in custody. three or four people transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds, greta? >> dan, thank you. and our first glimpse of the moment the taliban handed over sergeant bergdahl. released by the that taliban themselves. >> it's not unusual for the taliban to videotape moments such as this and turn them into propaganda for their followers. >> i'm sure we will be seeing a lot of that video spreading around the internet and jihadi web sites for years to come bar barons at the other end of the table don't.
4:27 pm
that's why we always end up with unequal swaps. >> joining us, charles krauthammer, author of things that matter. nice to see you, charles. >> good to be here. >> charles, that taliban video, how is that going to be used? is that going to be used against us? >> it's clear propaganda. you can see the met for, the theme, here is the american under their custody, the prisoner, the guy who sort of bewildered blinking and in retreat. the taliban are in control. what do they say as he leaves? don't come back. that's the taliban speaking to the united states, telling the world we have now driven out the united states. it's now in withdraw and don't come back. that's a victory video. >> do you think the u.s. knew that was coming. they were going to tape it? is that inevitable and there is not much we can do about that one. >> that is inevitable and not much you can do about it. it puts in question how much do they think this thing through? the fact that the president
4:28 pm
pretended this was some sort of triumph at the beginning when he had the family and the white house, it was a victory lap. he had susan rice saying this is an extraordinary day for america. it was an extraordinarily dark and somber day. i would have agreed with the swap with great reluctance even revulsion in order to get one of our guys back. but the idea that they would think that the country would want to celebrate this tells you how out of touch they are you got a accepts of that when he said oh the debates in washington are being whipped up as if this is a phony debate and not over fundamental issues where there are arguments on both sides. >> on "special report" a little while ago i heardexót suspected witness tampering. what did you mean by that? >> look, they have this guy in the hospital in germany. of course you want to decompress him and help him to adapt. unless he is gravely ill, you know, at some point at
4:29 pm
some point the people of merge have a right to hear him and have him explain whether or not is he a deserter or not. at some point it is utterly that is he going to have to answer to the military justice system. remember, the administration has been saying through susan rice that he searched with honor and distinction. they have a stake in that being the case. they have a stake in america thinking that. and, you know, i would like to see them treat him as needs to be treated. but then let him speak to united states. let him speak to the citizen who paid the citizens who paid a very heavy price in releasing these senior taliban guys. and tell us what really happened without any coaching, thank you very much. >> charles, always nice to see you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> senator johnny isakson was in the white house briefing last night. he goes "on the record" next.
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u.s. policy has changed. now we make deals with terrorists. >> they have, in fact, negotiated with terrorists. >> they just need to come clean on it it that is the honest truth. they negotiated with terrorists. >> we will end up paying another kind of price because of the transaction that was negotiated here. >> the question going forward is have we just put a price on other u.s. soldiers? what does this tell terrorists? >> does the bergdahl deal put our troops around the world at risk. senator johnny isaac join joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> there is a debate whether we should ever negotiate with terrorists. your thought on that? >> well, you know as i said in the meeting last night and was briefed. i thoughtchh#"uz myself the president of the united states made the conscious decision to circumvent the intelligence committees of house and senate and make a policy decision of enormous proportion that sends a terrible signal to terrorists around the world that if you can capture an american, we will negotiate. that's a change in policy the president made unilaterally without any
4:35 pm
consultation with congress. that's a sad day. >> why did he do that? >> i really don't know. i know this, the fact that time wag the reason that he couldn't do it. get me in a new york minute. either by cell phone or staff or anything else. they could have talked to diane or saxby or mike rodgers in a heart beat had they wanted to. they made the conscious decision not to do it. >> do you think after listening to the briefing last night that it truly was a life or death situation with this sergeant or not? >> >> i have eaten two videos, greta, one was the one they showed us last night from december of last year where he appeared to be maybe even not with it still conscious and looking around. the other one i saw was him walking unaided with the taliban to the helicopter that brought him home. so he did not look as if he was in critical condition or in life threatening condition. at least not to me.
4:36 pm
>> i'm a big last night behind closed doors. how much of that last night was truly classified that the american people should know for national security reasons and how much0í was being hidden from the american people. >> welling, you don't know how much is being hidden because they obviously didn't tell us what they were hiding if they were hiding anything. a very small amount of the briefing last night was truly classified. most of it was information that they had in their possession that they had not shared with us before they made the decision why is it that these hearings are held behind closed doors. they happen over and over. every u.s. senator at that hearing last night said very little of it should have been behind closed doors. why can't the american people have the facts laid out just like you got if it's not national security? what's the big risk? >> the big risk, obviously in a briefing like that is that if something of national security importance happened to be leak elected out because of telecommunication today, because of the internet, it's all around the world. >> you just said it wasn't
4:37 pm
national security. and if there is a discussion where all of a sudden you get near something national security, then you throw everybody out. but instead, it's just the tour is shut and we don't get allowed in and senator dick durbin said that lots of stuff in the meeting is inaccurate. well, let us in. >> greta, before we got into that meeting we didn't know what we were going to hear to. ask to open the meeting without knowing what you are going to hear. that's the point much the white house was in control and decide to disclose what they decide to disclose. before the meeting before we went in we didn't know what was going to be disclosed so obviously we needed a closed meeting so thank you. >> senator, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> senate majority leader harry reid stealing a line from former secretary of state hillary clinton. the reporter asking senator reid if he was the only lawmaker that got a heads up before+x the swap. >> i'm not sure i'm the only one made a big deal over nothing. the whole deal is that -- is it friday or saturday? what difference does it
4:38 pm
make? you know, what difference does it make? >> joining us our political panel, "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio, the "the washington post" colby and the hill's justin sink. when you hear senator reid say that he doesn't think it makes any differences and uses that line that's become very familiar. >> i think it's very deliberate. for the white house, this has become not a great situation for them on a number oferehóñ fronts. the way they see out is that republicans are demonizing us. they are making this into a partisan political issue by making benghazi, by the white house coming out and saying you are unfairly spearing people involved in this without all the information. they are trying to wind things up so it seems like it's a republican vs. democrat issue. >> usually the cause of all the problems is fox news for the white house. so at least take that one. colby, is this a serious issue? i mean is this a serious political issue? >> they are certainly turning it into a serious political issue. i think that republicans are trying to figure out the
4:39 pm
right way to react to this. the facts are still a little murky. we saw many republicans come out initially and celebrate the news that he had been released through tweets or statements and then pull back. so i think that they're -- they maybe reacted and now they are reacting another way. it does feel political. >> susan, are the democrats, are they lining up behind the president or are they lining up behind senator dianne feinstein and maybe she has gone over to the president on this. >> really interesting watching how the democrats are reacting to. this first, they are keeping themselves at arm's length from the decision because they are not quite sure what the full facts are but, as senator manchin told me yesterday doesn't smell good doesn't look good. they don't like how this and. senator reid didn't help the situation today. the idea that you can sort of brush everything off or the president said today this is some controversy whipped up in washington. hey, what difference does it make? it create this narrative that the party doesn't really care.
4:40 pm
that they can go trade five very serious potentially dangerous members of the taliban for one -- you know, all these things are -- your security is really no big deal it. the benghazi situation, hey, what difference does it make? i think really what happened today is harry reid wrote a campaign ad for some republicans. >> to me, it might have been -- maybe it was the should do it. it's the callus disregard for the process. i'm not talking about the 30 days. pick up the phone and show that you don't have the intent to just sort of roll over congress. the presidhús÷ had done that, i think we would be having a very different discussion. but, anyway, i guess he doesn't multitask. any wii, panel, thank you. there is news tonight from u.s. marine jailed in mexico. we just spoke with andrew tahmooressi. second interview with us from his mexican prison celle on is next. trick number one.
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inside that mexican prison. nice to talk to you again nice to talk to you, greta. >> all right. so how are you? >> i'm doing good, much better than i was when i first got here. that's for sure. >> >> meaning what? >> in meaning that i'm in a cell all by myself now. my cell is in an area of 10 total cells in that area i have by myself and the guards are friendly and i have everything i need. and i'm taken care of pretty well. >> do they give you any indication inside the prison, whether it's from the warden or anyone else that you might be going home soon? is there anything like that? >> no. there is no indication. >> are there english speaking people in the prison with whom you can
4:46 pm
communicate? there are some guards that speak broken english that i communicate with. >> but does that mean like in sentences like you can tell a story? you can have a conversation or is it more like i'm hungry or something very simple like that? >> no, i could have -- yes, i could have a conversation with them not like we would be having a conversation it takes a lot of guessing but we kind of work through it and it it's good. >> is it lonely? >> yes, it's lonely. it's very lonely. >> so how do you pass the day? >> i am able to make phone calls once in the morning and once in the evening. phone calls, exercise, reading, praying and sleeping. pretty much it.
4:47 pm
>> i assume you have hope that you are going to get out? >> yes. i have high hopes. >> based on, what? >> based on that i'm an innocent man, i think i have a good lawyer. i think the -- think the mexican people, a lot of the mexican people know that i'm innocent, and that even police officers in the government and that i o-i think they see that, you no he, this was just a mistake and that i was at the hands ofio officials. >> now, when we talked before, we talked about the signs, and i have driven
4:48 pm
that route, that very same route you do. i would have misseds science. i have said this over and over. they come real fast and if it's dark at night and you are making that turn in the direction of san diego, i would have made that same turn. but, i'm curious, did you miss seeing those signs? >> yes, i did. >> so you didn't see any of the signs that pointed towards mexico or anything at all you are like i would have been. >> yes. >> you can hear more in the come days right here "on the record." our economy is grim in real trouble. steve forbes says he knows how we can bail out of this problem. steve forbes is here next with a new book. >> o'reilly here with america vigorously debating the taliban swap. president obama analyzesen d-day. analyze that and others on the next factor. helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance.
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. today, news that the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits are up.
4:53 pm
one group is our nation's veterans. they come home from serving our country and they can't find jobs. steve forbes is the author of the new become "money" he joins us. mace too see you steve. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> going through this book, i'm trying to figure out how to get to the bottom of it. you say the problem with our economy is an unstable dollar which leads to it an unstable global economy and unstable dollar because of president nixon in 1971 taken us off the gold[:sdy standard. is that right? >> you have got it, exactly right. like if you change the number of minutes in the hour each day. imagine how difficult what the life would be. less investment if we had had the kind of growth rate since 1971 that we had before 1971, when the dollar was linked to gold, our economy today, greta, would be 5% larger. can you imagine? people having 50% higher incomes today than they do, life would be a lot better, a lot easier. >> well, you lay out such a convincing argument, because dod
4:54 pm
actually steady and doing well this until this 1971 point with nixon. why aren't heroes who -- economists why aren't they looking back at this point and saying this is where we went off the rails? >> that's one reason why we wrote the book to start educating people because economists have been taught that playing around with money, playing around with the value of money is a good thing even though experience shows just the opposite. the federal reserve is stillo:=n manipulating men. central banks are doing the same thing which is why we have the crummy economy we have today. people can't trust the money, you don't get investment in the future that you would normally have and savers are punished. >> if you say we went back to the gold standard. you know in the book you don't say go out and buy gold. don't pay attention to the ads. you don't say that the in being boot. if we went back to the gold standard would that help stabilize us? >> it would perform a miracle. when would were on the gold standard we had a lot higher growth rates even though we have fluctuations in the economy. you could plan for the future. safers aren't punished when
4:55 pm
they put aside money. they get real interest rates. so you have more capital creation, more investment and that's how you get innovations for the future. otherwise, when money is unstable, people buy hard assets like land just to hold on to what they have. so, it puts us in a rut, again, we would have a much bigger economy today. 50% larger if we had done what we did for the first 180 years of our existence when we were mostly on a gold standard most of the time. >> steve, thanks, the book "money" is just out. >> thank you. >> it's an interesting read. thank you, steve. >> appreciate it, greta. thank you. >> former first lady nancy reagan marking the 10th an verse of president reagan's death. we are going to take you there next. es, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things.
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today marks the 10th anniversary of ronald reagan's death. look back at president reagan's speech at the anniversary of d-day in 1944. >> these are the boy of -- [ applause ]!>'y3
5:00 pm
these are the men who took the cliffs. these are the champions who helped free a continent and these are the heroes who >> and good night from washington. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we saw an opportunity and we seized it. and i make no apologies for that. >> president obama remaining defiant in the face of withering criticism for his deal with the taliban. and now, poll results are in. they are not good news for mr. obama. >> bill o'reilly, the most dangerous thing that guy has ever done is walk across the street in new york to buy a burger. >> let the personal attacks begin. that guy knows nothing about me but recents the fact that i have criticized certain aspects of the taliban deal. we will discuss it tonight. >> we have a guy who repeatedly raped a 14-year-old girl and you gave him just 30 days in jail. can you can explain that


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